Increasing sustainability and environmental protection attitude in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aims of the project:

The project aims to change the attitude of people in the field of sustainability and environmental protection, by introducing practical and everyday sustainability methods in school education and for adults.

In the project we create and publish a complementary textbook for teachers, to facilitate the education of the topic, and thus to help in the attitude formation of the next generations.

The extent experiences and good practices of the more developed V4 counties are transferred to the West Balkan countries.


The project is financially supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Project partners:

magosfa 1. Magosfa Környezeti Nevelési és Ökoturisztikai Alapítvány (Magosfa Foundation for Environmental Education and Ecotourism)
HUNGARY, Vác, coordinator, Visegrad4 partner

cee2. Centar za Ekologiju i Energiju (Center for Ecology and Energy)
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, Tuzla, West Balkan partner

cea3. Centrum environmentálnych aktivít (Center of Environmental Activities)
SLOVAKIA, Trencin, Visegrad4 partner

chalo4. Chaloupky o.p.s., školská zařízení pro zájmové a další vzdělávání (Chaloupky, public benefit company, school facilities for tarining and education)
CZECH REPUBLIC, Knézice, Visegrad4 partner

ucbs5. Uniwersytet Warszawski/ Uniwersyteckie Centrum Badań nad Środowiskiem Przyrodniczym i Zrównoważonym (University of Warsaw/ University Centre for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development )
POLAND, Warsaw, Visegrad4 partner

The co-ordinator of the project is the organisation “Magosfa Foundation for ecological education and eco-tourism.

Duration of the project: from the 1st of September 2015 to the 31st of December 2016.

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